ITER: some efforts on the communication would be required

Yes, the website is nice, it has now a french version wonderful.

But when you want some news on the technical processes, this is the kind of information you get:

A Design Review is a very important step and they write only 20 poor lines on it. Why cannot we find a detailed presentation of the goals of the review, of the hot topics, of the documentation? The kick-off presentation would also be welcome. I do not understand why all the engineering stuff is so secret. This is a public project with no external competitors.

Yes I am not directly concerned by this part but yet, I am still interested by the project. And I think there are plenty people willing to have more advanced data, to learn more on very specific, even highly technical, issues.

We do not build a community by restraining the access to the information. But perhaps I overreact and it is just a question of time before the whole infrastructure supporting the access to ITER databases is installed.


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