Big plasma physics

A nice shot from the NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Credit: NASA/Goddard/SDO

This is how a real fusion nuclear plant works! We still have some work ahead to reach such level of efficiency!


2 Responses to Big plasma physics

  1. Adam says:

    The Mightiest Machine is what John Campbell called it in his space-epic of that same name in the 1930s. Surprises most people that its power density is very, very low. Proton-proton fusion is so tediously slow at 15 million K. Of course most of the energy comes from DD, DT & DHe3 reactions after the Deuterium is made from hydrogen, but the D supply depends on that initial slow-paced p-p fusion.

    • destop says:

      Thanks for this discovery! I did not know this book (it is funny, I am convinced I know all the good sci-fi books and, every time, somebody gives me a new title) and, frankly speaking, I am not disappointed: it is a really good novel that I have added to my collection.
      It is one advantage of Mother Nature over us: she is not constrained by efficiency: she has the infinity to make her stars work.

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