Back from holidays

Summer holidays are over! I am back at the Institute with a lot of work ahead: plasma experiments are coming very fast, the test bench has to be rebuilt in its new building, I have two articles to write, a poster to prepare,  a conference, the SOFT at the end of the month (I will try to live-blog it) and two weeks of lectures in Padova, next month. So I will be kept busy.

I am still struggling to better organize the work and make it more efficient. I find there is too much inertia in the team. I do not know where the problem comes from: lack of communication, of motivation, weight of habits. I would like to really have a dynamic, inspired group. Of course, I am not the chief, so it is difficult to change things, but I have some influence, and I am trying to use it so that we can produce results, very interesting results, to build new experiments, to follow a logical, scientifical method to get these results. This is my goal for this year. It will be hard.


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