Congratulations to Cedric Villani

He won the Fields Medal for a work, (distantly) related to plasma physics. I must say that his resume is impressive. But I was surprised how clearly the description he makes from his work is. I am not a theoretician, rather a hybrid entity between theory and experiment; as a result I am frequently in contact with plasma theoreticians and, I must admit that they often disappoint me because a lot of them (not all, see for instance T.H. Stix) make no effort to provide a usable work for non specialists. I invest a lot of efforts in decrypting their system of notation, developing their equations just to extract the essence of their work. Some explanations would be welcome but when asked for this kind of development, they look at you as if you had insulted them.

That’s why it was a nice surprise to see this expert explaining in clear words the objectives of his research, the problems they met and the methods used to solve them. Rewarding such personalities can only bring more credit to this prestigious Medal.


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