At the SOFT 2010

I am now in Porto, for the 26th Symposium On Fusion Technology, a conference gathering a lot of stakeholders of fusion technology in Europe but also in Asia (China is incredibly well represented). I would have liked to give a live tweet of the talks but due to the bad wifi connection, it will be difficult. One major moment was this morning wis the presentation of the new ITER director Pr Motojima, who insisted on the simplification of the management and of the technology to keep the costs under control. I must that he does not look like very charismatic (at least for my european eyes) but he has sens of humour and seems to know what he wants. But some colleagues of mine thought he didn’t look like to believe in the project. The future will tell.
An important participation of the industry is to notice but it is a real shock of culture between their world and ours, and they are sometimes wondering what is expected from them.


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