Power of dream

An earth-like planet has been discovered in the habitable area of a star’s system. These are really good news and I am surprised how it can change the view of space travelling. Gliese 581g, the planet at stake, has become a potential target for a space mission in the mind of lot of space engineers. Of course, we will not start tomorrow with the development of a spaceship to reach it. But psychologically, something has changed: there is perhaps something there, something perhaps very precious, there is perhaps life. A lot of concepts have been elaborated both in science and in science-fiction to travel between the stars. But there was in all of a them some level of abstraction: the main goal was missing. And now, you have this dream of space exploration and discovery of life in outer space and it becomes a strong support of our ability to design new spaceships. We have to wait and see how things are turning out, but if can guess that, as soon as the first strong pieces of evidence of life on another planet are detected, our colleagues of th Icarus Project will have very busy days.


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