Some thoughts on presentations

I am currently following lectures on different topics about fusion engineering by some of the most renowned specialists of their field. But I must admit something: on average, the lectures are bad. There are all powerpoint-based courses: the slides serve both as support for the oral contribution and for the lecture notes. As a result, there are overloaded, the speaker try to detail everything and after a few minutes, a large part of the audience has gone back to their computing activities. In my opinion, there should really be two parts to a lecture: the written notes, with a detailed explanation of the content of the course and the oral part where the lecturer stresses the most important parts; his purpose during the talk should be to make the audience feel and understand the major issues at stake, leaving the details for a later reading of the notes.

It is a bad effect of powerpoint and of the cumulation of the presentations by the lecturers. I do not know how many presentations they have in a year, but I would say more than 10. In these conditions, it is easier just to adapt the slides from one presentation to the other and not to prepare lecture notes.

I thing this has to be improved because it can ruin the motivation of students when a subject is badly addressed.


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