Deutsches Museum

I must say that I have already been a LOT of time in this museum, one of the biggest in the world for technic. But I had never much time to get interested in all the various or even to take pictures of them. Indeed, most of the time, I was with my children, who have a dedicated section, where they can play with water, with a real fire truck and many other  toys.

Now that they are a bit more autonomous and interested in their environment, I have some free time to enjoy the exhibitions: it is more than both entertaining and  informative: it is an ode to the technical realizations of mankind. Here no shame on engineers and technicians: their genius or even their simple ideas to solve practical problems is presented and explained in a simple and attractive manner.

Naturally, I took a look at the astronautics section: of course, it is not comparable with some museums in the US (for instance, the one in Huntsville, at MSFC), but they are some nice stuff to discover (a small piece of moon rock offered by the US government to Germany), the combustion chamber of an Ariane’s Vulcain 2.


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