The Pelican Experiment: the end

Sometimes I need to be pragmatic even if it means that I have to give up a project where I have invested a lot.

I have tried to move the blog to Pelican. I have explained my main reasons here. After several weeks, I must admit that it was not a good idea. Not that Pelican is a bad product, on the contrary, it is a nerdy fun to play with; but it is not suited to my needs and configuration. It is better for people with a single development computer who regularly write on their blog and make a vitrine of it. My blog is more a kind of public area where I put my ideas, links and projects, a way to express my thought. I don’t want to compile, commit and push each time I need to put some words online. In addition, I was bothered by the absence of interactivity.

So, basically, I come back to WordPress. I will move back the few articles I have written there.


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